Mobile Application & Web Development

Blue Bay has created and launched a location aware messaging application called LET’S. For general public, it is a free social networking app. However while building it, we have kept several features in it so that any enterprise can benefit tremendously if deployed. LET’S provides a platform where your company can track and stay in contact with its mobile assets (peoples, vehicle, equipment, etc.). With relatively small modification, we can utilize LET’S platform to pilot your agency’s mobility goals.

LET’S is currently available in both iOS and Android platform. You can assess our competencies in this area by trying out the app which is available for free for individuals. With patented location sharing features LET’S allows users’ privacy and convenience of location sharing when necessary.

Let us know if your agency is ready for implementing the mobile strategy. We can be your partner in this journey.

Install LET’S on your iOS devices

Install LET’S on your android devices

Further information on LET’S is available at: